Yizzrit, the Walker

Rode an Owlbear


Yizzrit came from a humble beginning and was raised by the most wise lizard in the swamp, his grandma. He knows nothing of his parents, never cared either as he was given all he needed from the one who raised him from an egg.

Yizzrit felt a connection to the cosmos, his grandma always told him to watch the stars for guidance because from up there they can see a lot further that we can. He left the charred remains of his previous life and decided to follow thru on his grandma’s wish on visiting the festival of the Dragon in the nearby town. Yizzrit was new to civilization, having been raised in isolation in the swamp but that didn’t stop him from making new friends.

While many would have taken advantage of his ignorance, he came across a friendly group to travel with. With this new change in his life, he has been embracing the world with open arms as he struggles with each new experience. Grandma always said, “Embrace everything, because when you push away what the cosmos gives you, you push away your own destiny.”

Now Yizzrit rides in the belly of a mechanical dragon, rides owlbears, and has touched realms no other lizard had every dreamt of before. Yizzrit is destined to push the boundaries of what a lizard is capable of and has become the walker of the cosmos.

Yizzrit, the Walker

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